You conduct your business, let us manage the complexity of your desktop. ITCaring Remote Management Service are provided on a per seat, per month basis allowing you to take advantage of these services without a large initial capital outlay.
  The goal

This modular suite of services:

· Delivers a secure, reliable, desktop infrastructure that can adapt quickly to changing business requirements
· Helps reduce the complexity of managing the desktop environment
· Eases budget management with a price per seat approach
· Helps manage the total cost of ownership
· Complements, not replaces, your existing IT operations

The modular approach means you get only what you need, at a price you can afford! 
  The advantage

ITCaring Remote Management Service consists of:

· Virus scanning, e-mail filtering and patch management
· Management and deployment of the operating system and business applications
· ITCaring virtual helpdesk, backed up by remote agents for application support
· Inventory reporting and tracking of hardware and software assets
· Data migration and password resets 

You conduct your business, let us manage the complexity of the desktop. ITCaring Remote Management Service can help you:

· Leverage seamless end-to-end desktop management solution including software and services support
· Select only those services that meet your particular business challenges
· Lower the total cost of management of your desktop environment and increase end-user productivity
· Improve the security of your data and infrastructure
· Improve control over IT budgets providing a predictable monthly cost structure
· Focus more on business critical areas targeted for growth 
  Next steps

Contact our Solution Specialist for more information about ITCaring Remote Management Service. 

Click itcaring2011.exe to download the remote agent now